Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are among the most analyzed and evaluated organizations in business today. In this context, we provide legal assistance to healthcare companies, whether medical clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers or distributors of medicines, food supplements or medical devices. We advise our clients on how to effectively address the increasingly varied and complex regulatory aspects related to their activity, focusing on dealing with regulatory and compliance issues, as well as with commercial and contractual aspects that may impact the activity in this sector.

Legal assistance in advertising and promotional campaigns for medicines, medical devices and nutritional supplements, including structuring promotional campaigns, drafting and review of promotional and advertising materials in order to ensure full observance of applicable regulations; Legal assistance in several compliance and regulatory matters on biocides; Legal assistance in various aspects related to day-to-day operation of medical clinics – drafting and review of various contract with medical professionals, assistance in conclusion and performance of the contracts with National Health Insurance House; Legal assistance and representation in disputes with buyers and suppliers; Legal assistance in relation to dealing with medical and pharmaceutical professionals; Legal assistance in obtaining authorizations required for sale, distribution and storage of medicines and medical devices (including service and maintenance). Providing on-going legal assistance to medical clinics in operating the medical activity, starting with registration and authorization, contracting with National Health House and up to performing day-to-day medical activity; Assisting clients in the proceedings for obtaining the functioning permit for sale, distribution and storage of medical devices, including service and maintenance; Advising distributors of nutritional supplements, medical devices and cosmetics on promotional campaigns carried online; Advising distributors of biocides products in the proceedings for obtaining the permit to place biocides on market as well as on advertising regulations.