We have a strong consumer and data protection practice in a context in which consumers have become increasingly aware of their rights, the data protection legislative framework has changed and the clients’ needs have diversified. We provide assistance on various consumer protection matters including promotional and sale campaigns, product labeling, warranties, product liability, legal requirements for consumer information, food safety or dangerous products. In addition, we advise our clients to ensure compliance with data privacy related requirements.

Legal assistance on various regulatory matters regarding product labelling, warranties, dangerous products, product safety and liability; Legal assistance for achieving compliance with applicable legal provisions when carrying promotional and sales campaigns, including structuring promotional campaigns, drafting and review of promotional and advertising materials in order to avoid qualification as unfair or prohibited practice; Legal assistance and representation in front of the competent authorities regarding various consumer protection and food safety issues, including during controls performed by the authorities and representation in challenging control documents; Legal assistance on managing product alerts, including advising on withdrawal and recall obligations and procedures; Legal assistance on regulatory aspects for the operation of activities or storage and sale of various products, including obtaining and review of permits/authorizations required, identification and assessment of compliance with related consumer protection and food safety obligations; Identification of data protection requirements applicable for each specific case of processing personal data; Assistance with preparing/reviewing documents containing data protection clauses (privacy policies, internal regulation etc.) as well as documents concluded with employees, clients, supplier; Legal assistance and representation in front of the Data Protection Authority and Romanian courts of law in connection with various data protection issues. Providing on-going legal assistance to large retailers in clothing and home decoration industry and in the food industry, advising on various aspects related to sales and promotional campaigns, regulatory matters regarding product labelling, warranties including assistance during controls from authorities and representation in challenging control documents; Assisting a local client in connection with the operation of bar, restaurant and public food activities from the space rental phase to obtaining all permits, authorizations and licenses required; Advising distributors of nutritional supplements, medical devices and cosmetics on promotional campaigns carried online.