Personal issues, especially those related to family, can be highly complex and sensitive, bringing emotions and mental stress. We have specific experience gained in this field, being able to assist you in protecting your civil rights, solving any of your personal and family issues in a professional and discreet manner. Whether it’s about a civil contract, a will or a family dispute, our professional experience in these areas enables us to provide you with the best legal action in your and your family’s best interest and at the same time, helping to outcome the issues. We represent individuals from various fields and irrespective of their background, we handle the cases with professionalism, ensuring complete confidentiality in order to protect the lives and the reputation of our clients.

Assistance with drafting, negotiation and conclusion of civil contracts; Assistance and representation regarding inheritance and wills matters; Assistance and representation regarding division (partition) of property; Advice on various family matters such as prenuptial agreements and relevant aspects for unmarried couples; Divorce proceedings and financial claims arising from separation (division of common goods); Representation in matters related to the parent's relationship with the minor including parental authority, child’s residence, personal time with the child, alimony; Assistance and representation in domestic violence issues - restraining orders (protection orders). Assistance in proceedings related to drafting and authentication of wills; Assistance with drafting and negotiation of various civil contracts – rental agreements, sale purchase agreement for movable and immovable assets; Assistance with obtaining protection order due to domestic violence (verbal and psychological abuse); Assistance and representation of various individuals in divorce proceedings including trials initially grounded on fault and ended with settlement and separation by mutual agreement; Assistance of several individuals in parental authority disputes, including those related to child’s residence, personal time or alimony.